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  12Bar Slides  

Innovative guitar slides in ceramic, glass, brass & stainless steel as well as aluminium in a range of eye-catching colours.


Slide guitar music is an absolute passion for 12Bar Slides. Those old recordings by the 1930s Delta masters -  the lyrical sound is just so expressive and inspiring.  Slides are used to create amazing sounds not only in blues music, but also in heavy rock, Hindustani music, 60s pop, modern country.  Slide music is everywhere, and the only limit is … well, there just isn’t one.

12Bar Slides has created a range of guitar slides that don't only sound great, but they look awesome too.  They want to encourage 12Bar Slides artists to be individual, to stand out, to let their slide reflect their uniqueness.  

At the birth of the blues was the guitar slide.  Now 12Bar Slides offers more styles, tones, and options than anyone. From the traditional to the uniquely modern.

New materials.  More control.  Your tone.

Some models available with a removable inner sleeve for the ultimate in personalisation & comfort.

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