More flexible than any competitor

Build complex pedalboards with a limitless and comfortable graphical interface. Open as many parallel paths as you want. Assign the parameters to your preferred controllers and enjoy the truly modular DNA only the MOD platform has to offer.

Small, tough and reliable - Road ready

The rock-solid monolithic aluminum enclosure is forged to last. You’ve never seen anything so powerful and resistant fit in your jacket pocket.

Multi Connections

Two independent audio channels equipped with gain controls. Go straight to FOH or connect to your amp, even using the 4-cable method. The MIDI jacks and built-in synths make it a practical solution for both traveling and recording everywhere.


Ever-expanding plugin gallery


115+  Amps & Cabsims models

180+  Effects

30+    Virtual Instruments

30+    MIDI Utilities

Constantly releasing new plugins

New plugins constantly release, so you’ll never get bored with your sounds. Be part of the MOD Community and make suggestions for plugins you’d like to see in the plugin shop, the MOD team will consider adding it to the development queue.


Amps and Cabsims

More than 45 amp and 70 cabinet models for guitar and bass pre-installed or readily available to download. Experiment with the classics or go crazy with innovative gear to nail your tone without any restrictions.

Patch it anywhere

Assemble patches from the graphical interface using any tablet, smartphone or computer to create complex rigs. With an intuitive drag & drop usage, nailing your sound was never so easy and fun.

Optimised for hands-free use.

Designed for standalone usage

The MOD Dwarf is designed with standalone usage in mind. You will be able to assemble pedalboards directly from the device, without a computer.