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  Cornell Amplification  

The Cornell brand started in 1991, but the backstory starts long before that with Denis Cornell.  The amplifiers made by Cornell are all designed by Denis Cornell himself.  Denis is, without a doubt, one of the best-known guitar amp legends in the industry.


Denis has intimate design and service knowledge of Vox Amplification, having assisted Tom Jennings with their company relaunch.  He was also invited to oversee launch of Fender Europe products.


As a freelancer, Denis helped major companies grow and launch their products.  He resolved complex technical problems and helped Fender Europe with new designs.  He also had a key role designing products for the Arbiter Group. 


Over many years, Denis Cornell has built, repaired, serviced and custom-designed amplification systems for some of the most discerning players around.  Sound City's groundbreaking Mk III and IV amps were co-designed by Denis with his long-time friend, the senior development engineer, Brian Hucker.  Denis has assisted the majority of today's big brand amp manufacturers with their most iconic products.


Artists include Eric Clapton, Noel Galagher, Gary Moore, Andy Crofts and Katy Tunstall to name but a very few.



Romany 12 Reverb - The Cornell Romany 12 is a 1x12 combo Amplifier equipped with a 12" Jensen speaker and a maximum output of 10 watts.  It delivers a professional tone that is perfect for studio use or home practice and offers players the benefit of a natural distortion.


Romany 10 - The Cornell Romany 10 is a fantastic little combo amp, perfect for home and studio use, but also well suited to small venues.


Explorer 10 - Compact and powerful amp head offering 10 watts of power, 2 x ECC83 pre-amp and a 6L6 power tube for a powerful grunt. This brand new product has already proven to be very popular.

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