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  Evidence Audio  

Evidence Audio was founded in 1997 by Tony Farinella to offer the finest musical instrument and studio cables available. The design methodologies are based on 30 years of research in preserving the quality of sound as it passes through electronics. The approach stems from the idea that in audio, 'less is more' and that no cable can actually improve the quality of what you hear. You can only replace a cable that is causing more distortion with one that causes less damage to the signal.


When Tony first approached us regarding distribution in the UK, Jay was sceptical. His reaction was, “They look great, but they’re kind of expensive.” “Well,” Tony replied, “we make really good cables.” And sometimes, it’s just that simple.


We tried them, we loved them, we distributed them. Absolutely world-beatingly sensational quality, and we would be confident putting an Evidence Audio cable up against any other on the market. There’s a reason a certain Mr Gilmour uses them. And when we say he uses them, we mean he tours with them, records with them, wires his entire studio and signal chain with them. When he - and so other many artists - choose Evidence Audio when they could have anything, we should all take notice.


The game-changing Screw-In Solderless SIS Plug and Monorail combination is now on just about every professional pedalboard out there, redefining what you can expect from pedalboard cables in terms of sound, reliability and function.

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