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  GR Audio  

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the AeroTech line of guitar and bass amps from GR Guitar and GR Bass are the lightest amplifier cabs in the world. Never before has a professional cabinet been produced with this performance-to-weight ratio. 

These amazing cabinets are feather weight. Imagine a 600w, 2x10” bass cabinet weighing a mere 9kg. Then there's the powerful 300w FRFR Powered Active 1x12” guitar cabinet, at only 6kg.

Not only that, but when compared to other cabinets fabricated from the same wood, GR Bass cabs and GR Guitar cabs have a more open sound, better focus, finer clarity, more punch and greater overall richness of audio.

ll the GR Bass and GR Guitar cabinets are available constructed from traditional wood, space age carbon fibre or the brand new Natural Fibre range, using recycled materials.



ATG112 - 300w powered active FRFR guitar abinet. Crafted using GR’s patented Aerotech technology using carbon fibre materials, this cabinet weighs in at just 6kgs. It’s also available in 1x10, 210 and 2x10 Stereo configurations.

AT210V - Bass cab available as a powerful 400w or a massive 600w version, and weighing less than 9kgs! Powered by custom Jensen speakers, the vertical alignment has a very small footprint. Perfect for when you want a big sound on a small stage.

GR ONE Bass Head - Partner with the AT210V for an incredible package. Available as a 350w or 800w version, these heads deliver unparalleled  transparent tone, but with plenty of flexibility to sculpt your own voice. Also includes one of the best DI’s in the business, a tuner, Aux in, and the 350w version weighs less than 2kgs!

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