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  Gravity Picks  

Guitar picks, only better.


For many of us, the humble guitar pick is where tone begins. First contact, human meets guitar… through the pick. But how much difference does a choice of pick make? Huge! 


After more than 20 years of playing the same simple plastic pick, I tried a Gravity pick. It was completely different immediately. The tone, the attack, the way the string vibrated after contact, was all different. And to my ears, better. So we spoke with Gravity and have now been distributing the brand for some years.


Based in California, Gravity picks have been creating handmade picks since 2011. Using superior acrylic-based materials for most of their products, hand finished with a smooth edge, or slightly ‘gritty’ edge (the Master Finish), Gravity provide an exhaustive range of pick shapes, thickness, and sizes. From the ever popular 2mm Classic and Razer shapes, to the more extreme 4mm, even 6mm thick picks in multiple styles. Tone starts here. 

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