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  Gruv Gear  

Gruv Gear is quite simply a remarkable brand. To say they manufacturer accessories for musicians doesn’t really begin to cover it. They take a standard accessory - a guitar strap, for example - and then make it something uniquely theirs, with beautiful style, attention to function, solving all kinds of problems you probably didn’t know you had.  


Then they do the same process with another accessory - gig bags, backpacks, string muters, pedalboards, drum cases, carts. The list is colossal and full of products which are absolute essentials to a musician. From the innovative Kapsule guitar and bass cases, or the Fret Wrap string muters, to the new Veloc drum bags, Gruv Gear have introduced features just not even thought of on competitors' conventional products.

With the new range of Dekade Edition products, they have celebrated their first 10 years in exquisite style, just as you would expect from the creative designers at Gruv Gear.

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