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  Legator Guitars  

Legator Guitars was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, by musicians aiming to building the best modern instruments and support the musical community with designs and features that complement today's musicians. 


Legator is quickly becoming one of the most prestigious guitar brands, and a trusted name in the guitar world, boasting an impressive list of endorsed guitar players, such as Jonathan Donais (Anthrax) and Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn).


Artists include Jon Donais (Anthrax) Charles Caswell (Berried Alive) Lucas Mann (Rings Of Saturn) Alex Cooke (Wavetypes) Kyle Bolden (The Jacksons & Stevie Wonder).



Ninja N7FOD - "Shredding has never felt or looked so good.”


Ghost G8FP - “This is my first experience with an 8-string guitar. And this is absolute madness of sound and comfort! Thanks to the guys from Legator for a wonderful guitar!”


CC7 - “This thing is a dream come true. Huge thanks to Legator Guitars for this incredible axe!”

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