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Diezel Herbert Overdrive Pedal

Diezel Amps (pronounced dietzel) are one of the most recognisable sounding amps on the market. The mighty 180-watt Herbert head has a monster tone and enough tight low end to leave you wishing you’d brought a spare pair of trousers.

The Herbert pedal has that same searing gain, punishingly tight low end and finely tuned midrange - and it’ll fit on your pedal board!

This high-gain stompbox replicates its namesake amp’s preamp with precision. You’ll find the same wide-ranging EQ control and foot-switchable midcut circuit, along with Presence and Deep controls for mimicking the amplifier’s power-section punch.

To make this stomp box-sized preamp even more flexible, Diezel have included a separate output for running directly into a power amplifier, using the Herbert pedal as your rig’s front end. And you can control it all remotely, thanks to its 1/4" stereo jack.

Far from being just another distortion pedal, the Diezel Herbert pedal offers multiple ways to achieve its ground-shaking tones. If you prefer using pedals for your dirt, you’ll find the pedal works beautifully straight into the front of your clean amp. But you’ll also find a dedicated “To Power Amp In” output jack that turns the pedal into a fully functional preamp. Plug it into the series effects loop return of any guitar amp or directly into a stand-alone power amp, and you’ve turned your amp into your very own Diezel Herbert - perfect for players who often must rely on less-than-dependable rental backlines.

Features & Specs

  • Preamp pedal based on the Diezel Herbert

  • Foot-switchable midcut circuit

  • Controls: Normal Master, Midcut Master, Midcut Intensity, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, and Deep

  • Pedal powered between 12-18VDC (no battery)

  • 12V power supply included

  • 18V power supply cable included (for use with 9V isolated power supplies)

  • Power draw 100mA

DZ-HERB Diezel Herbert Overdrive Pedal RRP (inc VAT) £249.00

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