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We've had so many new brands and products landing at First Line HQ over the past month, here's a recap in case you missed something crucial!

Evidence Audio SIS plugs - Now in BLACK!

Same price as regular right-angled Screw In Solderless plugs, available in kits, or even just the replacement black caps.

Legator Opus Series Guitars

Designed with a nod to the past, but very much for the new generation of guitar players, these 6- & 7-strings are just sensational.

MOD Devices Dwarf

The little brother of the DUO-X is all grown up. Incredible, almost limitless modular configuration. Design your sound from the ground up with all the plug-ins you want - all in a stomp box!

RightOn! Straps

Paul Turner Signature & Talisman Series

RightOn!'s first signature model is now shipping. Paul Turner (Jamiroquai) has collaborated with the RightOn! team to create a classy & stylish vegan-friendly strap.

And RightOn!'s biggest ever product launch is all now in stock with the new Talisman Series. Beautiful designs, vegan-friendly, with an emphasis on super-comfortable design.

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