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  Pure Tone  

Now and then, a product comes along that makes you wonder ‘Why didn’t someone think of this before?’ So simple, and yet so effective. The humble jack socket has existed as the point of contact between instrument and cable for decades. But historically, it hasn't been perfect.


Pure Tone have taken the jack socket and doubled up on all the points of contact. The result? The patented Pure Tone jack contains dual tension grounds and dual positive tips for optimal signal and the lowest possible noise. 100% greater surface area at all contact points creates a more stable connection; as a result, high and low frequencies are greatly improved, creating a much more balanced sound while eliminating frequency spikes. No more noise crackle caused by pressure grounds!

The Pure Tone jack allows for increased current handling at 500 volts for high-current applications. Tensioned design locks the cable securely in place while the increased metal mass carries more signal.


Available in black or gold, stereo and barrel versions, it’s a very simple way to improve a guitar.

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