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When we started working with Thermion, we really didn’t need another brand of guitar pedals. But, ever curious, we couldn’t resist checking them out. Handmade in Albacete, Spain, they looked great, out side and in (yes, we always take a peak at the bits we’re not meant to look at). They were beautifully put together and seemed to cover some areas that our other brands did not. In the age of so many pedals being mass-produced in China, these were still handmade, and with some features we’d just not seen on other pedals. Thermion pedals looked like something special. And then we plugged them in.


The Heartbreaker left us quivering as though we’d turned up a full stack WAY too loud. So much character and depth to the sound. With the Black Sun we could create any amount of rotary and phaser tones. These are seriously good.


In 2021 Thermion produced an amplifier for the pedalboard, the ZERO. Crammed with features again, the real magic was just in the sound. This is another one of those products that every working musician would love to have. We’re honoured to have Thermion pedals as part of our range. They’re stunning; everyone should try them!

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