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Brian Wampler first started to get noticed as the guy who could modify other people's pedals to get incredible tone. Then, still working from his garage, he started to get demand for his own pedal designs from guitarists. Artists such as Brad Paisley and Brent Mason noticed, and soon the secret was out: Brian made simply extraordinary-sounding guitar pedals.


Over the past few years, demand for Wampler products has grown beyond a handful of boutique pedals, and now Wampler mass-produces great-sounding, tone-packed pedals without compromising on quality.


The Wampler Tumnus has become an industry standard, and for many guitarists, it’s their ‘always on’ pedal. Ever innovating and developing new ideas, Brian recently created the Terraform ; Wampler's first multi-effects pedal, offering 11 sublime modulation effects and Midi control  for the most modern of guitar rigs.

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