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  ZVEX Effects  

Zachary Vex is one of the first pioneers of the boutique pedal. The first ZVex pedals were handmade, hand-painted, each one  unique; true boutique pedals. And lots of them still are. They’re special before you even plug one in. And then when you do, well, you’d better warn the neighbours first.

There are no imitations of other pedals here, no simple tweaks to trusted designs. Every ZVex product stands completely alone. With the best selling Fuzz Factory, for example, ZVex took a simple fuzz pedal and turned it into a raging animal that can create otherworldly sounds not heard before - not only screams, grunts, and static-like noise, but also a hugely versatile range of smooth, very usable classic fuzz tones. The Fuzz Factory instantly became a favourite among bands like Muse, Deftones, Garbage, St Vincent and Radiohead. With the Vexter range bringing boutique pedals to a mass market without compromise, ZVex has made creative tone available to every musician, whatever their budget.

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